1 Brazilian radio 

Perfect for inviting a girl over for fine wine and conversation. the Brazilian radio is filled with chill Brazilian Jazz / Bossa nova / lounge which will make a great romantic setting.  Burn a candle and Play at low volume. It's also really nice while cooking and eating.

2 The Rat Pack radio

Perfect if you’re in the mood for some bourbon and cigarettes with a potential for gambling. It will work at a classy affair or your typical poker nights. It will also leave you feeling the magic of vegas in the 50’s /60’s

3 Slighty Stoopid radio

Great for your pre and post surf sesh brah. Grab a cold one out of the fridge, roll one up and pump up the jams. 

Caution,  Side effects may include feeling too chill, movements may be slowed, Munchies may occur. Side effects vary from person to person.

4 Flume radio

If you don’t know who Flume is by now, let that be your reason to add this tho the list.

If you do, congrats on being up to date with the fairly recent and avant guard crossed fusion genre of future bass/chill trap. Mostly consisting of electronic beats it can range anywhere from chill vibes to hyped up jams. Great for all occasions.

5 West coast hip hop radio

Perfect if you wanna feel like a gangsta while mobbing through the streets and hot boxing some OG Kush. Back when you could still understand most of the lyrics in songs and they where about the struggle rather than the superficial one hit wonder lifestyle most of these rappers sing about today. Also no auto tune. Subwoofer recommended.

6 Mike snow radio

Not the newest songs on there but Miike Snow is an amazing Swedish band with incredible vocal processing and cool synth features. the related groups are also pretty cool and range from mostly Alt rock sounds.

7 Classic rock radio

This one is pretty self explanatory, can’t fuck with the classics and everybody needs to rock out from time to time. 

8 zen garden radio

If you’re ever having a bad day, take five minutes and sit down with your eyes closed. practice breathing in and out deeply and focus solely on that. Zen garden is a great meditation tool, if you’re lucky and your girl gives you massages (or vice versa) put this on to ease the relaxation process.

As far as house music, if you want to listen to some dope stuff make sure to check my soundcloud or spotify. (better than any other stations on pandora)  ; ) 

Just click on the Music tab on my webpage. 

All these are great if you're not trying to DJ. Considering that is my job, I don't mind handing it off to robots (Algorithms) from time to time. 

That being said, Spotify is actively crushing Pandora but takes a lot more customization and navigating through the app.

Thanks for read. Hope you enjoyed!