Moving to LA was a difficult decision, by far one of the hardest I've had to make as an adult. Leaving real friends, family and a loving girlfriend behind were all part of the sacrifices i had to make to chase my dreams. I came to realize that the end of an era just meant the beginning  of an adventure. I knew that my difficult decision would soon be minuscule compared to the other difficult challenges life would throw my way and that each challenge would only be a test of strength to see if i had what it takes to reach success. The universes way of saying "if you can't handle this, how are you going to handle the lonely nights in hotel rooms away from loved ones, surrounded by people looking to exploit you and your brand for monetary reasons. How will you be able to be productive and stay healthy when most of your time is spent traveling and DJ-ing and you're exhausted from lack of sleep and jet lag."

Many times I'd go back and forth comparing myself to others and asking why is it that I'm not where i feel i should be. Believing everything happens for a reason, i have to step back for a second and tell myself that if i was ready for success, I would have it. Tell myself to keep working hard and that my time will come when I'm ready.

Having a little faith goes a long way. My faith comes from experiences collected and knowledge gathered stating that If i work hard enough, i will make it. I must have faith in myself and the universe that if i put forth necessary efforts and set things in motion, the world will respond on its own. The hardest part is maintaining this mindset through the ups and downs of life. No matter how inspired the night before whilst setting my alarm to wake up early and be productive, i can't seem to find reasons not to stay in bed. It takes me getting up and looking at my white board or planner to realize the steps necessary to get back to my true self. Down days seem to be the same, days with an unexplained meh feeling can be hard to shake off until i decide to look at my track record. Words of wisdom from myself such as these, my music, videos and all other accomplishments no matter how small. These are ways i've found helpful to find my true self and shake off that feeling. Thus down days becoming down moments. Thru awareness, i've managed to stop playing the martyr and feel sorry for myself, iv'e changed my depressed mindset and fought anxiety attacks. It's been amazing witnessing my thought process as i change my mood and gain back control of my thoughts and actions.Granted you have to do research and know your true self. I know exactly who i am constantly work on improving those areas i'm not happy about. 

If you work toward improving yourself, over time, you will. Simple as that.